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8-10 July 2019, Naples

AVPN - Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana

Vera Pizza Napoletana Olympic Games 2019

The Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana guarantees the transparency of the competition and the respect of the rules mentioned below, and it reserves the right to exclude those participants who do not respect these rules.



Only AVPN members (Pizzeria owners and/or employees regularly affiliated, as well as members of AVPN Register of Pizza-makers) can enroll in the categories Vera Pizza Napoletana, Gourmet, Gluten Free, Deep-fried and Mastunicola. Each participant can select up to 2 categories.

Those pizza-makers who are not AVPN members and who have not turned 35 within 31/12/2019, attested by a valid ID, can enroll in the “Under 35” category. In order to participate, the Under 35 pizza-makers must be presented by companies that are sponsoring the event, by AVPN trustees or must be winners of national and international selections.

Participants must enroll after completing the electronic form on the official event website olimpiadi.pizzanapoletana.org, or sending the filled form by email to olimpiadi@pizzanapoletana.org or by fax to +39.0814201205.

Participants must be, at least, 16 years old.

During the competition participants must not provide any type of professional and/or non-professional service to any company that sponsors the event.

Each participant represents their country of origin or the country where the participant works.

The enrollment deadline is Thursday 4th July 2019 at 12:00 (UTC+1).

The AVPN reserves the right to close the enrollment process when the maximum limit is reached (n. 100 participants for “Vera Pizza Napoletana”, n. 25 participants for “Deep-fried”, n.50 participants for “Gourmet”, n.25 participants for “Mastunicola”, n.25 participants for “Gluten Free”, n.50 participants for “Under 35”).


The Olympics consist of 5 disciplines, one for each Olympic circle:

1) Vera Pizza Napoletana * (according to the ancient tradition)
Pizzas must be done according to AVPN Regulations, therefore they are restricted to Margherita Verace and Marinara. Peeled tomatoes, fresh tomatoes or a mix of fresh and peeled tomatoes, fiordilatte or buffalo mozzarella, grated cheese, evo oil, basil can be used.

2) Gourmet Pizza (innovation of tradition according to AVPN Regulations)
Neapolitan Pizza topped with ingredients acknowledged by International Gastronomy and chosen by participants. Matches with fruit or desserts are not allowed.

3) Gluten Free Pizza *
Made exclusively with agglutinated dough, restricted to Margherita Verace and Marinara. Peeled tomatoes, fresh tomatoes or a mix of fresh and peeled tomatoes, fiordilatte or buffalo mozzarella, grated cheese, evo oil, basil can be used.

4) Deep-fried Pizza * (according to the ancient tradition)
Deep-fried Neapolitan pizza dough filled or as a calzone or round. The ingredient must be inside the pizza. Exclusively the following ingredients, even in combination between them, are allowed: fresh ricotta cheese, fiordilatte, buffalo mozzarella, provola, cicoli (pressed cakes of fatty pork), napoli salami, ham or cured ham, grated cheese, tomato and pepper.

5) Mastunicola * (disc of dough with lard or EVO oil, basil, cacio and pepper)
A typical Neapolitan pizza that enriches the dough. Prepared as a focaccia and topped with lard or extra virgin olive oil, cacio (typical grated cheese by sheep, goat or cow milk as well as by a mix of different types of milk). Fresh pepper and basil are allowed.

A distinct competition is organized for non-members Under 35 who will compete in the “ Vera Pizza Napoletana” with same rules of the point n.1.

* The use of the ingredients not present in the regulation is not allowed, under threat of disqualification.


Clothes provided: Clothes provided: t-shirt, apron, neckerchief, hat, twill and shopper. Participants must wear uniforms provided by AVPN.
Participants are not allowed to wear uniforms and/or accessories with other company trademarks, under threat of disqualification.
It is also mandatory not to wear any jewelry, bracelets, rings and watches, under threat of disqualification.


Participants can use a special spatula provided by AVPN (optional use). It is mandatory to make the dough at AVPN headquarters (handmade or by mixer). The organization provides the equipment for making the dough, for the preparation and for cooking of pizzas (oven, peels, counter, fryer etc.). It is not allowed to use other technical equipment.

Participants will have to bring their own bowls, containers and materials to manage the toppings in anonymous boxes without the presence of trademarks and recognizability.


The organization will provide flour, peeled tomatoes, oil, buffalo mozzarella and Fiordilatte that participants must use after notifying AVPN during the registration to competition, in no case will be admitted the use of ingredients different from the ones listed and of different companies from the Olympic sponsor, under threat of disqualification.
Participants shall provide all extra ingredients not mentioned above, and will be responsible for preparing and arranging on the counters the ingredients provided by the organization.
Advertising and/or exposing trademarks of products other than the sponsors’ is strictly forbidden.


Enrollment fee for the two categories chosen by participants is € 50.00 paid by 31 May 2019. From the 1 June 2019 the fee will be €75.00. Enrollment is on a space-available basis.


The Oven Judge establishes and regulates the participants’ access to the competition, ensures that no irregularities are committed during the preparation and that counters get cleared at every pizza-maker shift. The Oven Judge also fills the first technical evaluation form with a score.

”Porta Pizza” takes pizzas from the "competition field" to the jury while preserving the anonymity of pizza makers.

The Jury consists of a minimum of 2, depending on the competition, and it is in charge of completing the evaluation forms. The jury's decisions are indisputable. The number of juries selected depends on the number of participants in the competition.

Technical Form: The sum of both the jury’s and the Oven Judges’ forms will express a score as 100/100. For some competitions there is a different technical form with scores equally expressed as 100/100.

Rankings for the different categories are calculated through the arithmetic average of all the technical forms filled by the jurors for each pizza maker, and are expressed as 100/100.

Olympic medalists: there will be another classification in which medals (gold, silver, bronze) will be displayed for each country. The 3 best countries with the highest number of gold medals will be awarded (in case of an equal number of gold medals, the highest number of silver and bronze medals will be taken into account).

Claims: the opinion expressed by the jury through the evaluation technical form is indisputable. Video recordings and/or any other type of material/evidence cannot be provided to file a claim.
Possible irregularities must be immediately shown to the competition’s judges, which will take appropriate action. Decisions and rankings are indisputable.

Ex aequo Cases: In case of equal scores, all the participants with the same score will be awarded the corresponding ranking position.

Publication of the results: Results will be displayed and communicated during the night on 10th of July 2019. Under no circumstance partial or final results will be accessible or participants can know the result of the competition. The rankings for the first three classified will not be announced until the final award ceremony. Al the others will be indicated by alphabetic order.


  • The dough must be made by hand or with mixer according to the order given by the competitors directly on site in a preparation room. Processing must take place according to the AVPN’s Regulations, under threat of disqualification, therefore only direct dough are allowed. A container for the dough will be provided by the organization. The dough will be identified and stored in a room at a controlled temperature of around 20 °.
  • The competition judge announces the order of participation and the timetable of each individual performance, that may have slight variations due to possible small delays.
  • The participants must respond to the call of the technical manager of the competition. At the third call without an answer, the technical manager disqualifies the absentees.
  • For the preparation of pizza, participants have a maximum time of 8 minutes that will start from the assignment of the oven. The participants have to prepare pizza without the help or assistance of anybody (under threat disqualification) except for the oven assistant assigned by AVPN who can exclusively hold the peel.
  • In case of a mistake in the making of pizza, the participants have the right to make a second attempt (while still respecting the allotted time ). If the second attempt is also unsuccessful then the participants are eliminated from the competition.
  • The competition judges ensure that each participant finishes the composition, diligently removes all the tools and ingredients and carefully clears the area used, so that the next participant can also use it.
  • The presentation of the pizza must be anonymous, according to the number assigned and no distinctive signs or special attitudes that can in any way allow the identification of the pizza maker will be admitted under threat of disqualification of the same.
  • The organization reserves the exclusive advertising, promotional and image right regarding the participants of any competition category for a year, as well as the unlimited use of photographic material, videos and /or the like without involving the participants themselves.
  • The organization reserves the right to make any changes to improve the event itself.

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